MIHM: What inspired you to get into the restaurant business?

NS: The inspiration comes from the fact that I love to eat. Capo’s is very much about a family environment and welcoming friends.

MIHM: Tell us about the history behind the Capo’s Italian restaurants?

NS: It’s really a labor of love. A product of my forefather’s back in Chicago. The speakeasies back in the 20′s were very popular. I found a lost art and the ability to have an intimate environment where you feel like an invited guest. There’s some criteria in order to enjoy your dinner or cocktail. So I built the speakeasy-inspired Capo’s restaurants. Capo’s means mob boss in Italian.  I just built my biggest Capo’s restaurant located off Sahara in Las Vegas which has been a pleasure for me. The restaurant business has been amazing. Allows me to host people every day.

MIHM: What was going through your mind when you decided to buy 40 taxi cabs at the age of 16 years old?

NS: I was sitting in the passenger seat of my father’s pick-up truck in Chicago and we drove by an auto graveyard with a field of taxis. I asked my father why they were all there, and he said the taxi authority was going to destroy all of the cabs because the vehicles all had over 200,000 miles. To me, common sense, I thought the cabs were seemingly great cars, so I bought them all and did minor restorations, then sold them to high school students. I made a ton of money on those cars and it taught me a lot about hard work.

MIHM: Who have been your mentors in your life?

NS: That’s really a great question because I don’t think I have traditional mentors. I like a broad scope of people. I admire people who went through a laborious education because I never did. People with solid families and to see the opposite side of life from what I had.

MIHM: Now we heard you’re a bachelor. Is that true?

NS: Yes, I’m single.

NS: I do. My aspiration is to have children; to be with someone I can grow with and who understands me. I want someone who is my best friend and who is business savvy as well.

MIHM: What achievements are you most proud of and why?

NS: Well, I think I’m most proud of my relationships, contacts and friends.  My relationships are really the combination of all my hard work. The materialistic things in life are very temporary and as you get older you recognize the lesser value of the material things.

MIHM: You’re an architectural designer, restaurateur, and own a limo company. You’ve done a lot! What’s your next goal? What projects do you want to work on in the future?

NS: Mostly design related. The creative process allures me the most. I plan on expanding my geography by spreading my taste throughout the world. Every time I arrive at a destination I want to continue the journey.

MIHM: How do you find the time to successfully manage all you businesses while finding time for your hobbies and interests? How do you utilize time management?

NS: To be honest it’s probably my worst suit. I’m not very effective at managing my time. I can’t give you a good answer because I don’t do it well. I wish I did. Ultimately, what I need to do is to create more time for the things I love by getting rid of the things that aren’t as appealing. Get rid of the utility businesses and make them a part of my past. Move forward with my creative endeavors.

MIHM: What are your hobbies?

NS: Traveling and anything to do with art. Now my tiger Monster who demands a lot of attention.

MIHM: We heard you opened up a new place in Las Vegas called the Black Door Lounge…

NS: The Black Door Lounge is an amazing and cool London-like atmosphere with purple crush velvet rock-and-roll lounge with a high-end element. It’s a wonderful experience.

MIHM: We also heard you were a model?

NS: I started modeling when I was 19. It was a great few years of my life and I learned a lot about the fashion industry. I also recognized that I was more of a brainiac and didn’t belong in front of the camera. I had more passion for the creative process and the set direction.

MIHM: Did you pursue acting?

NS: Acting is a stretch. I do enjoy hosting which is mostly design related. I get to talk about what I love.

MIHM: What about producing?

NS: I produce as much as I can because I love the industry.