Today, we get together to share a few ideas, so simple to Nico, but so enlightening to our ears, eyes and hearts.

Here are 10 important lessons this Vegas magnate taught me, and you should learn too:

1. Answer the phone each and every day and when not possible, return messages/ calls before the end of the day, if even in the evening. Timing is critical and today’s business environment is impatient and unforgiving.

2. Be thrilled with singles, doubles and triples, as home runs will come when earned.

3. Expect the worst from situations, as it will bring optimism during negotiations. When rain is expected a partly sunny day is truly appreciated.

4. Know your business or product from the ground up.  Know your competitors product even better than your own.

5. The fact is, your staff and employees will most certainly never represent your business or ideas as well as yourself.  No person can explain a baby picture as well as mom…

6. When at all possible, use your own investment or sweat equity when building a business or product. It’s much easier to stop searching for a wallet that DOES NOT belong to you.

7. Commission employees as much as humanly possible, salaries (in start ups) bring demise faster than a bad concept.

8. Show your soft side when the opportunity arises. Your fans, followers and customers will always support you more.

9. Be certain that your early partners respect/fear you enough to see your concept or theory through fruition without fragmenting along the way.

10. SELL TO THE MASSES, NOT THE CLASSES. It’s easy to be drawn into the glamour of selling to the top, but how many Donald Trumps live on your block?

What I also learned from Nico, is to sprint toward that cliff if you believe in your idea! You just may soar, if your concept and convictions are sound.  Follow through.  Do what you say you will. Do it better than you promised. If opportunity presents itself, help another entrepreneur, no matter how big or how small they are, if you can. And, most importantly, persistence wins.

Thanks for the lessons, Nico!