This strong spirit has not only made magic happen throughout Las Vegas and Los Angeles real estate, but he has ventured into many nightclubs, and restaurants.  His Capo’s restaurant is a landmark in Las Vegas: a real “Speakeasy”, featuring a hidden door, password protected entry (tip: the secret word is currently “Shenanigans”)… a nearly completely dark, sexy interior, with red leather booths, outrageously good smells & rave reviews from customers posted across social media. Not content with just serving mobster-named meals, (Capone’s Cabonara or Scarface Shrimp Scampi, anyone?), he struck a one of a kind deal to buy the secret recipes of the famous mobster Al Capone’s family. The fascinating details: the Capone Family Secret recipes have been under wraps for nearly 80 years. They were recovered in undisclosed locations following federal raids on Al Capone’s warehouses. Nico saw potential once again, in something nobody had bothered looking at for decades!  He decided the savory marinara recipe was possibly the best he’d ever sampled, and straightaway adjusted his Capo’s  menu to include the “Traditional Red Sauce” and “Spicy Rustico”.  Luckily for us, if we can’t get ourselves to Vegas to snarf a plateful of spaghetti & home-made meatballs with this famous sauce, an alternative is available for all of us to be able to taste this legendary sauce here.

I’ll soon be interviewing Nico for our radio show, which is a one on one chat with entrepreneurs, where they share their inspiring story of how they found and followed their passion. We met because of social media, I was searching for a unique and luxurious place to host our very first Champagne Sisters & Social Media Conference (follow along on twitter with the hashtag #CSSM13) and voila! Appearing onscreen like a magical oasis in the desert (no, really?!) was the Parisian Palace. Another of Nico’s projects, he bought an older style mansion, and lovingly revamped, remodeled and redesigned it to suit his taste.  He now rents it out to host fabulous events, parties, video and magazine shoots and more.  It is truly spectacular.